Ali’s profile

Alistair David Knox or Ali, lived from May the 18th 1987 to October the 11th 2007. He describes himself as follows:

Hi, I’m Ali, I’m 19 at the mo. I have just completed my first year of a four year honours degree in molecular genetics at the University of Dundee. I’m a typical fun-loving 19 year old guy. My love of learning coupled with my enthusiasm for languages and food inflames my desire to travel.

Since returning from our Wicked World Tour I have caught a particularly virulent strain of the travel bug. I have realised that the only cure for this is to keep travelling. The time I spent on the Wicked World Tour was the best 11 months of my life. I am very optimistic about the future of the charity, we can and will make a difference to the travel options available to people with disabilities.

He was an ambitious, enthusiastic and inspiring man, who exemplified many of the best possible character traits, such as the fact that he could be amusing, exciting, independent, kind and a positive optimist who normally displayed these traits at the right times. Although he had a challenging life, he managed to enjoy it and to do many things, which are not normal, even amongst the able-bodied majority.

He went to Colombia, Peru and Brazil and he won a child of achievement award at school and he got to go to London and meet J.K. Rowling.

This is not to mention the fact that he was involved in the Wicked Word Tour planning stage and he also got to go on the Wicked World Tour and be a member of the travelling team. He was also very important in keeping track of things which were found out. Also he was so influential in starting the charity called Wicked World Tours as well and even now, after his death I ask myself would this mean that Wicked World Tours is moving in a direction which Ali would approve of.

He helped record the research by playing a major role in directing and producing the ‘Access All Areas’ videos and he also often features in the three videos. He was and always will be a super star in my mind.

– Patrick Knox