Terms of the Award and Guidance for Applicants

The idea for this charity came from Patrick and Ali Knox who wanted to see the ‘wicked world we live in’ and to research the potential for wheelchair users to enjoy adventurous travel. Both brothers had Friedreich’s Ataxia, which limited their mobility but not their imagination, and with a team of helpers and friends they undertook a fabulous journey. Between June 2003 and May 2004 they visited more than 50 towns and cities in 10 countries, fundraising for all the stages. They set up Wicked World Tours charity so that their experiences could help make it possible for others to travel (see www.wickedworldtours.org.uk ).

Wicked World Tours has benefited from the generous donations of supporters who believe that disability should not prevent people from travelling.

The Grants Programme is intended to assist people who face extra costs in travelling as a result of their disability. The Trustees have discretion on the number and size of the awards. Grants will normally be up to £1000 per person. The Trustees may award grants for smaller amounts than are sought by the applicants.

People who have Friedreich’s Ataxia will be given priority; but the fund is open to all people with physical disabilities including those with sensory impairments. If a group of people is planning a trip each person can apply individually. For the years 2014 and 2015 priority will be given to applicants who are aged 16-30, though all applications will be considered.

The grants shall be used to finance adventurous travel, and travel that is educational in the broadest sense, in the United Kingdom or abroad. Applicants must define why the planned travel is an adventure for them.

Grants may be made towards the travel costs of accompanying carers; and in allocating grants the Trustees will recognise that the need for a carer adds to the cost of the disabled person’s travel.

Grants may be used to cover both direct travel expenses (e.g. transport, accommodation and insurance) and indirect costs (e.g. purchases of equipment, clothing, books).

Please return your completed application form to Wicked World Tours, 58 Promenade, Edinburgh EH15 2BS or complete the form online.

Applications should be made on the form, but you are welcome to add any further details in a covering letter. On the form, please give as much detail about your plans, costings and other funding applications as you can, even if some is still provisional.

The closing dates for applications will be end of February and end of August each year. Grants will be allocated after committee meetings which will be held twice a year: end of March and end of September.

If you are successful – what happens next?

The Trustees will wish to interview applicants (and your carers if appropriate) before making the awards.

The Trustees will seek a reference to support your application.

Grants will be paid in advance of your intended travel. If for some reason you have to make major changes to your travel plans, or have to cancel between receiving the award and the intended departure date, you must notify the Charity as they reserve the right to recall all or part of the grant if they are satisfied that it is no longer needed.

As a condition of the award, you must supply Wicked World Tours with a written report of the travels financed with the help of the grant. This will encourage other disabled travellers to apply. Reports should be illustrated if possible with photographs.