Fundraising Tips

  1. Always start off any fundraising event or application by saying what you are fundraising for i.e. if it’s just generally for us, say Wicked World Tours, and if it’s for your trip with us, say that.
  2. Decide what to do by thinking of what the general population or community might like.
  3. Some fundraising event ideas for you: A quiz night, a disco, silent auctions, a dinner part or a raffle.
  4. A Fundraising Event sometimes means a sponsored event. You and your friends can do different things – we did a sponsored hill walk over 6 mountains, a head shave, a week without meat (for a meat lover!) This should be something which is a real challenge and you will only do once – it is hard to ask people to sponsor you repeatedly!
  5. Always plan an event well in advance to make sure that your venue can be booked, and equipment can be hired, prizes can be bought, or donated, and to allow people with an active social life to arrange to come. You may want to ask businesses in your area to donate prizes for a raffle or silent auction.
  6. Always remember how much money the fundraising event costs you, and take it off the profit.