Tips From Our Experience: Volunteer Recruitment

How does the Wicked World Tours go about recruiting volunteers?

  • Advertise in places popular to the age group you would prefer i.e. if you want someone fairly young advertise in a university or college.
  • Don’t limit who can apply but word it in a way saying who would be preferable
  • Interview using a technique like: specifically saying what the job involves, and then perhaps asking why they want to do it,  why they think they would be good at it,  and put in a couple of questions like “what would you do if Patrick wanted to watch a film that you hate” and/or “what would you do if Patrick was sick”.
  •  At an interview,  you need to ask quite a few easy, alright questions and a few difficult questions.  You can score the answers out of say 5 so that all the interviewers can compare notes.
  • At the interview you need to explain about what expenses are paid for the volunteer e.g. food allowance and personal allowance.
  •  Have the candidate that you select along for a few days training. On the training day cover all the main tasks they will need to do during the trip and even better find out how they cope with new things like packing your stuff, loading you into a car with/without wheel chair access
  • If you can, do all the above about 12 weeks before you go because if the first choice volunteer is not good you may need to do all of it again. And you may need to book a flight for whichever volunteer gets the position.