Cheryl’s Holiday Report

Wicked World Tour Holiday Report

I visited Holiday Village Majorca within the island of Cala Millor, Spain in May this year with my partner Paul and our two children, usually whilst on holiday abroad it is left to my partner to assist me with all aspects of my personal care as due to having Cerebral Palsy I very much struggle with physicals tasks as my mobility is very limited, As I am sure you can appreciate this very much puts a lot of pressure on our family holidays particularly my partner and although its became routine, we would very much have benefitted from ‘an extra pair of hands’ but finances didn’t allow so as a family we learnt to just manage.

However due to yourselves kindly giving me a grant of £1000 our family holiday this year was completely different, with the grant I was able to take my mum along with us to take care of my personal care needs such as showering, dressing etc. Meaning everyone on the whole was relaxed most importantly me.

I had a small amount of money left over from the grant this was used for the hire of an electric chair whilst on holiday, usually I have no choice but to take a manual chair with me due to having the worry in the back of my mind about access restrictions we haven’t been advised about, taking my manual wheelchair does not promote my independence and often leaves me very frustrated, However hiring the electric chair meant I was completely independent around resort and of course this helped my emotional health too, As well as having my own manual chair with me to offer the comfort and peace of mind should there have been any access difficulties was a win win situation.

In conclusion the holiday was a huge success all round and the resort itself was overall wheelchair accessible throughout offering ramps everywhere as well as accessible toilets/apartments etc, The only slight issue was the complex was on a gentle slope and although this didn’t cause me any problems this may be difficult for a disabled person who self propel’s a manual wheelchair,

I would like to take this opportunity to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone at Wicked World Tours for giving myself and my family the opportunity to have a stress free relaxing holiday, it is very much appreciated and most importantly very memorable.

Kind Regards,

Cheryl Duncan