Pach’s Profile

My name is Patrick James Knox, or to my friends I’m Pach. My date of birth is the 24th July 1984.

I’m proud of being Scottish. I consider myself to be a kind, generous, humorous, ingenious optimist who likes listening to crime audio books and Harry Potter. One more thing that everyone agrees on is that I’m quite partial to the occasional dark-hued, blonde-headed Irish alcoholic beverage.

I was fortunate enough to take part in all three Wicked World Tour expeditions. I helped to plan and recorded some of the information in the log book, which is available for a donation. I am also among the founders and directors of the charity Wicked World Tours, as well as a budding author, and I look forward to my first blooming book!

I have recently started a page for Facebook, and if you are on it, please look for my page, and remember if you would like to become my friend, either because there is something of which I missed out here, or because you just wish to chat with me, please mention that you heard of this on