The Volunteers

The Volunteers, Carers and Home support team

Kwang-Hun Choi

Kwang-Hun was born on the 18th of April 1977. He lives in Pusan, South Korea and since going home has acquired a good job, a lovely girlfriend and a fast car. He is remembered for being a real honey, hard working, fun, fantastic and for being all round excellent part-time mother.

Steve Mildner

Steve is from Portland, Oregon. He was born on July 1st 1981. His favourite food is subway sandwiches and his favourite place to visit is Scotland! His communication skills are so poor that he often has us worried about his welfare.

Chris Collier

Chris is a friend of Steve’s who stepped in to help with the first tour. He got married in the summer of 2006 to Michelle and is still just the best communicator.

Chris Brennan

Chris hails from Armadale in West Lothian. He is an avid Celtic supporter.

Katie Park

Not enough words to describe how wonderful Katie is. Katie is from Haddington and her birthday is 29th July 1983. She is a wonderfully empathetic person who is still a firm friend. She graduated as a nurse on the 17th of November 2006. Lucky NHS!

Min-Jung Kang

Min is a delightful South Korean woman who accompanied us on the second tour. She is beautiful, eccentric, a great organiser, has a quirky sense of humour and is a fabulous cook.

Jong-Han Kim

Jong – Han is a South Korean man who helped when the tour was in South Korea and Japan. He is strong, organised, thoughtful and very caring. He is also very handsome but that is irrelevant (or maybe not).

Kei Shinoda

Kei was Patrick’s first ever CSV from Japan who helped to organise the Tour in Japan and later became a helper on the South Africa trip. He is kind, hard-working, modest and truly lovable.

Andy Bremner

Andy was born on the 22nd of July. He is handy at just about everything he turns his mind to. He left his support position on the home team to help with the South African trip. He famously abseiled off Table Mountain and was particularly pleased to see so many lions because he was missing his cats.

Jean Knox

I joined the tour for a while in the US and again in the antipodes for a bit of a junket and to throw my weight around as the mother figure. I had a brilliant time, found plenty of opportunity to exhibit my bossy nature and loved everybody. Currently I am embarking on the serious business of improving my golf and learning to dance some salsa.

Raymond Harland

After years of action as a disabled rights campaigner Raymond helped us to try and sort through our ideas and vision. Along with other home team members he worked on making the office accessible. He was always at the end of the phone when we were trying to function as a good team away from home. He has helped us look at our strategy by facilitating a visioning dayand we hope to keep in touch with him in his present work with the Thistle Foundation.

Heather Wilson

Joined the volunteers as part of the home team. Her imagination and sense of humour contributed greatly to meetings and her baking skills were fantastic for fundraisers. Sadly Heather died after a long struggle with illness.

Margaret Bremner

Margaret Bremner was born in Glasgow 11th September 1954 and is now living in Edinburgh. I’m glad to have been in on this mind-blowing experience since the beginning, part of the team on all the travels and now company secretary.

Eddie Henry

Eddie was born on the 11th August 1982. He studied English in Wales. Eddie loves surfing, food, travel, music, reading, good company like your fine selves at Cockenzie. But doesn’t like Lists, Tony Blair, people getting stressed and the prospect of full time work obviously quite as much.

Mary Simpson

Mary was born on the 5th June 1987. Mary is Scottish, has known Alistair for 20 and half years and Patrick since she was born. She values them as good friends and neighbours.

Sheila MacKay

Sheila was born on the 21st March in 1951 in Glasgow, Scotland. She studied Geography amongst other things at Glasgow University. She has also undertaken community education at Jordanhill College and in things including non-violence, women’s studies and CELTA. She likes to travel, read, hillwalk and spend time with friends and family along with food, drink and being in the fresh air and sunshine. She got involved with Wicked World Tour at the beginning after thinking “Are they really serious?” and then realising Pach and Ali truly were. The part of WWT she’s enjoyed most is the Safari in Kruger National Park. In the future she hopes WWT will have a fabulous motor home that is accessible by all and booked by adventurous travellers.

Misako Kasahara

Misako was born on the 1st July 1980. Misako really enjoyed working with WWT. In Misako’s own words “It’s great”

Lily Greenan

Older than she looks and younger than she feels. Got involved with Wicked World Tour because she really wanted to climb seven Munros in one day and two old pals said, ‘well, we have a good cause we could raise some money for at the same time…’ She later became part of the ‘home team’ and is a Director of WWT. She likes long mountain climbs, short meetings and good company.

Val Stenhouse

Generous with her time and energy,Val has helped make fundraisers go with a swing. Now part of the committee and bringing good sense and good sandwiches to meetings.

John Simpson

John is a director and company treasurer. He has held this post since the company was started in December 2002. He worked as base camp co-ordinator for the team’s world trips.

He works with Lothian and Borders Police as a Liaison Officer in the Edinburgh Sheriff Court as Standby Officer. He is also involved with the Vine Trust, a Scottish charity working with the people of the Amazon in Peru. He went to Peru to work on the Vine trust medical ships in 2004 and again in 2007

Ella Simpson

Ella has over 30 years experience in the social care sector. She has provided direct services to people, managed teams and organisations as well as being involved in national strategic development and reviews. She is the Director at Edinburgh Voluntary Organisations Council and is committed to working with people to ensure that they can develop sustainable services which meet their individual and communities’ needs.

Bob Cairns

Guitarist, projectionist, soundman, always calming and always believing that the dream can come true. Sadly Bob Cairns is no longer with us.